The Ultimate Garden Inspired Gift Guide


December is finally here, and y’all, I am SO excited…’s time for me to break out allllllll the red and green sweaters, whip up a batch of my mom’s amazing chocolate chip cookies, and, yes, start roasting chestnuts on an open fire (for anyone local to North Carolina, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out when and where we’ll be doing our free chestnut roastings!)

To get a jump on holiday shopping, I’ve put together a list of the best garden-inspired gifts for all the flower and nature lovers in your life.

Done with your Christmas shopping? Bookmark or pin this post for later, and you’ll have great ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, hostess/housewarming gifts, Mother’s Day, etc.

Happy Shopping!! And if you have a cute idea that I should include in the next gift guide, leave a comment below!

Garden-Inspired Gifts for the Hostess

  1. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119. We put this diffuser in the bridal suite, and I love it! I typically use lavender essential oil, but the geranium scent is also really nice.

  2. Library of Flowers Forget-Me-Not Bubble Bath, $36. This has made Oprah’s Favorite Things list for a few years now, and she is, of course, not wrong. The perfumes are also amazing!

  3. Farmer & the Belle hand-poured soy candle, $26. Sweet floral scents in pretty white glass jars make these candles a perfect hostess gift.

  4. Wild Flora Farm’s Spring Flower CSA, $175. For all the locals, I can’t leave out our flower CSA! We’ll provide the lucky recipient with a large bouquet of gorgeous fresh flowers each week (for five weeks!) during our spring season. Even if you don’t live in Chapel Hill, try searching for a flower CSA near you. Flowers always make a great gift, and you’ll be supporting your local farmers.

  5. Among the Flowers Botanical Salt Soaks, $18 and Bath Bomb, $7 (not pictured). A great gift for someone who needs a little pampering!

Garden-Inspired Gifts for the Foodie

  1. Pink House Alchemy Herbalicious Small Batch Simple Syrup, $13. Sure, it can be used as a mixer, but you can also get creative and use it in tea, lemonade, or drizzled over ice cream. Combine it with the Honeysuckle Bitters for a really unique gift!

  2. Asheville Tea Company Echinacea Elderflower Tea, $18. Add this temperature-controlled mug, and you’ll have a very happy tea drinker!

  3. Choco Sweetness Tea Lovers Gift Box, $108. Filled with lots of special goodies, including the most delicious Brazilian chocolate, this gift box also contains a jar of our farm’s honey!

  4. Honeygirl Meadery Fig Orange Mead, $18.00. Honeygirl hand-crafts their mead from local honey using botanicals and flowers. Delicious!

  5. Bull City Olive Oil Herbs de Provence Infused Olive Oil (not pictured), $12. I drizzle this over everything!

Garden-Inspired Gifts for the Gardener

  1. ARS Heavy Duty Pruners, $58.98. These pruners are excellent, and we use them all the time on our farm.

  2. Floret Amethyst Mix Seed Collection, $24.95. A beautifully curated set of specialty flower seeds.

  3. Grandma’s Grime Away Soap, $5. After a long day digging in the dirt, this soap will wash the grime right off your hands.

  4. Johnny’s Soil Blockers, $33.79. Makes seed starting a breeze! This is how I start my seeds here at Wild Flora Farm, and you can read more about my process here.

  5. Pollinator Push Garden, $18. A fun way to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators to the garden.

  6. Apple Tree-to-Be Kit, $22. Contains seeds harvested from Ralls Janet heirloom apples, which were grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson. Perfect gift for the gardener and the history-buff!

  7. Glass Gem Corn, $3.95 for 50 seeds. This heirloom seed will grow into beautifully colored corn, perfect for popping (or just impressing your neighbors with its beauty and uniqueness!). For more information about this unique and beautiful corn, read this.

Garden-Inspired Gifts for the Kids

  1. Bloomin Seed Coins, $9.95. Give a bag to your kids and let them figure out where to plant them!

  2. Bug Bingo, $29.95. A classic that everyone can play. 

  3. Mason Bee House Woodworking Kit, $10.99. Have the kids create an inviting habit for native bee populations. You can also make your own with these easy-to-follow instructions.

  4. Casetify Pressed Flower Phone Case, $60.  I actually have this case, but I think an older teen would also love it!

  5. Surprise Ride Beeswax Candles Kit, $24.95. My kids help out with our hives and are fascinated by bees. This kit, along with the Mason Bee House Woodworking Kit, would be a fun way to start a conversation about the importance of bees.

  6. Rocca Toys Gardening Tools for Kids with STEM Guide, $19.99. This will give the little ones an early start in the garden.

  7. Fat Brain Toys Deluxe Root Viewer, $19.95. Kids of all ages will be fascinated watching root vegetables grow.

Garden-Inspired Gifts for the Organizer

  1. Rifle Paper Co. Vintage Blossoms Notebooks, $14. The perfect size for keeping a few scattered throughout the house or office. I also usually keep a few in my bag, along with these cute pens!

  2. Emily Ley Simplified Planner, $58. I’m old school—I like to write everything down, and this is by far the best planner I’ve ever used!

  3. Go Play Outside Tote, $12. Very cute reusable totes! A few of these are perfect to stash in the car for grocery shopping.

  4. Sophie Gamand 2019 Pit Bull Flower Power Calendar, $30. This is just so sweet. Pit Bull Flower Power is a campaign aimed at rebranding shelter pit bulls and helping dogs get adopted. Read more about the project here.

  5. Paloma Passport Holder, $24. Perfect for the organized traveler. Add in the luggage tag for a matched set!

Garden-Inspired Gifts for the Bookworm

  1. The Secret Garden, 100th Anniversary Edition, $17.99. A beautifully illustrated hardcover version of the classic story. One of my favorite books of all-time!

  2. The Book of Bees, $24.95. We have this one at home, and it’s a favorite.

  3. Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden, $29.95. This book (along with Cool Flowers) is one of my top gardening books. Lots of great advice and beautiful photos.

  4. The Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook, $21.95. Many excellent recipes featuring honey. And be sure to visit this magical store next time you’re in Asheville!

  5. Cool Flowers, $11.49. The best time to plant certain flowers is in late fall (or, in some climates, early winter). This book explains everything you need to know!

  6. Where the Red Fern Grows, $7.99. Another classic that you can’t go wrong giving as a gift.

  7. The Big Book of Bugs, $19.99. A curious kid + tons of cool bugs = a great gift!

  8. The Drunken Botanist, $22.95. For someone who grows a bunch of herbs and isn’t quite sure what to do with them all, this is a fun book to give. And you could always combine the book with this herb kit for a perfect pairing!

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